About Us

AmbrosiaXR was born from legendary cinematic VR studio DeepVR (est. 2014) and multi award-winning experiential marketing agency Ambrosia (est. 2010). The purpose was to expand offerings to a wider variety of immersive technologies.

As a proudly South African company, our mission is to expand horizons using immersive technology. We are an industry-agnostic production studio; we use our creative & technical expertise to disrupt various industries as demonstrated by the variety in our client list.

Our Offerings

Below is a breakdown of the types of immersive technologies we specialise in.

360 video


360 degree video, also known as cinematic VR, involves the filming of real people and environments using specialised 360 degree cameras. We use the highest quality gear including the Insta360 Titan and the Kandao Obsidian R. This experience immerses a viewer in a very lifelike environment and story, but limits the amount of interactivity possible.

Interactive VR


This form differs to cinematic VR in that the environment is CGI (computer generated imagery), and therefore allows a user to move in the virtual environment. This is done either by physically moving in the real world (which is called "roomscale"), or using a controller to move, similar to a computer game. Controllers also add a degree of interactivity, allowing point-and-click functionality and the ability to pick up virtual objects. We offer Unity & Unreal rendered VR experiences for VR training.

Volumetric VR


The newest of the virtual reality environment types, volumetric VR is also known as videogrammetry. This discipline originates with photogrammetry, the process of digitising the real world to create a hyper-realistic virtual environment that the user can experience while walking around physically to translate

Habitat: Our Wildlife Division

In 2016, we formed a specialised team to capture nature at her best, in a way nobody had done it before. Find out more below.

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